Finance Council

The Finance Council is advisory to the Pastor and assists him in fulfilling the following responsibilities:

1. Assuring that an annual budget is properly prepared.

2. Reviewing reports from the Archdiocesan accounting system on a regular basis.

3. Ensuring the submission of the Annual Financial Report to the Archdiocese.

4. Publishing the Annual Financial Statements for distribution to all parishioners.

5. Reviewing and recommending periodically investment choices to the Pastor for interest- bearing checking, savings, mutual funds, CD’s and treasuries with regards to the needs of the parish both short and long term.

6. Reviewing and recommending if necessary a plan to increase the church support through the Offertory and any other appropriate collections. Work with the Stewardship Council to implement any increased giving plan.

7. Developing a plan for the financing of necessary repairs, renovations and purchase of equipment as needed. Implement a plan to accrue funds for asset replacements/repair in connection with life expectancy of equipment and assets.

8. Developing a plan for systematic payment of any parish debt.

9. Implementing all diocesan policies relative to financial matters including review that all federal, state and local tax laws are adhered to and appropriate forms submitted with payments if necessary.

10. Maintaining awareness that the appropriate insurance coverage is in place for safeguarding the assets of the parish from loss or damage.

11. Periodically providing the Pastoral Council with reports on the financial status of the parish.

Members of the Finance Council for 2015-2016 fiscal year are: Matt Chalfant, Shawn Hendon, Ben Jolly, Maureen Morris, Jerry Pitts, Bob Reaves, Ellen Wahl, Carl Wilkerson and Margaret Anne Strand (chairperson).

The Finance Council meets four times per year.