Stewardship Council

The Stewardship Council was instituted in 2001 to study the various components of the financial structure of our parish in order to plan for the future. The mission of the council is to inspire individuals to not only become committed caretakers of the spiritual wellbeing of the community, but also to become caretakers of the financial health of the parish. It is hoped that the parishioners will take a fresh look at the environment for spiritual and personal support that is enjoyed by those who participate as member of the St. Jane de Chantal family. All parishioners are invited to become stewards . . . to embrace the benefits as well as the responsibilities. The council consists of the following committees: the campaign and memorials committee, to develop campaigns for fundraising for capital expenditures and debt reduction, and work to create awareness for memorial giving; the planned giving committee, to develop a program for bequests and planned gifts; the school committee, to work to encourage contributions to the school endowment; and the public relations and stewardship education committee, responsible for the communication of stewardship needs and the publication of The Good Steward newsletter.