Bahamas Disaster Relief

The devastation of the Bahamas caused by Hurricane Dorian is beyond heartbreaking. Homes, schools and businesses that stood there a month ago now simply no longer exist. Its people are now in dire need of medical care, shelter, food, water, clothing, and other supplies, as well as the materials to rebuild. Joining our prayers with the Holy Father’s and people around the world for those who have died and for survivors who are homeless, injured and suffering, Archbishop Gregory would like to provide ways for the Catholic faithful to participate and offer their assistance to the Bahamas and to other areas affected by this disaster. Parishioners wishing to support relief efforts can do so through direct contributions to Catholic Relief Services ( or 1-877-Help-CRS) and Catholic Charities USA ( or 1-800-919-9338). Thank you for your generosity, and for your continuing prayers for the people affected by this catastrophe.