Other Ways to Give

MEMORIAL & TRIBUTE GIFTS: Memorial gifts offer a wonderful way to remember deceased family members and friends.  Tribute gifts provide a meaningful way to honor living family members and friends and/or to celebrate special occasions and anniversaries. Memorial and tribute gifts can be designated for one of the funds listed below. Before designating any memorial or tribute gifts, please contact Father Giese to discuss details.

ST. JANE FRANCES DE CHANTAL SCHOOL ENDOWMENT FUND: Receives contributions including, but not limited to, subscriptions, grants, donations, gifts, bequests, and devises to be used for the support and aid of the School, its faculty, and its students."

MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP FUND: Helps to finance continuing education opportunities for professional and volunteer music ministers active within the parish.  Contributions to the fund help ensure the continued improvement of the quality of music offered at St. Jane Frances de Chantal liturgies.

GIFTS OF STOCK: Gifts of appreciated stock or mutual fund shares are one means, besides gifts of cash, of making contributions to our parish.

Gifts of stock can be made with your broker's assistance by electronic transfer. This process works for all publicly traded shares of stock. Simply request that your broker transfer the number of shares of stock you wish to give electronically to the St. Jane Frances de Chantal account at Merrill Lynch in Bethesda, Maryland. The parish's primary account number is 5TL-02793, and the DTC number is 8862. (DTC stands for Depository Trust Company and is the mechanism that enables the quick and easy, and safe, transfer of stocks among its members banks and brokerages.)

Any questions regarding the transfer can be directed to Ben Jolly at Merrill Lynch at 1-800-637-7455.

To assure proper credit of your gift, please notify Molly Hess at the parish office (301-530-1550) in advance, giving the name of the stock and the number of shares you are transferring.

If you have stock losses, sell the stock yourself to realize the loss and take the deduction for tax purposes. Then generate a charitable deduction by donating the cash proceeds of the sale to St. Jane Frances de Chantal Parish.

PLANNED GIVING: For more information on ways to give (e.g., bequests and trusts) and what to give (e.g., life insurance and closely held stock) that will benefit both you and our parish, visit the Archdiocese of Washington website at www.adw.org, scroll over "Giving" at the top of the page, then click on "Planned Giving." You may also contact the Archdiocesan Office of Planned Giving at 301-853-4574.