This is a 5 part series discussing why so few Catholics participate in singing during the litergy

Due to the popularity of the Pipe Organ Fun Facts column that ran in our Parish Bulletin last month, I have decided to embark on a new five-part series in hopes of tackling the issue of why many of our fellow congregants are reluctant to manifest their faith through sung prayer. I have a book on my office bookshelf titled, Why
Catholics Can’t Sing by Thomas Day. This is a legitimate publication that has received critical acclaim from across the country. Mr. Day begins his book with the following paragraph, “Today, a large number of Roman Catholics in the United States who go to church regularly— perhaps the majority—rarely or barely sing any
of the music. (I have heard a congregation of fifty elderly Episcopalians produce more volume than three hundred Roman Catholics.) [...]. Do you find yourself agreeing with this statement? While the good parishioners of St. Jane’s do sing more on average than other parishes that I have encountered, I feel that we can do
more to spark excitement in our self-expression of worshiping our Living God through song. So, whether you are somebody who actively participates in song, or not, I hope that you will find this next series of articles interesting and inspiring. If I am able to convince just one more person to sing his/her praise, then it will have been worth it. Stay tuned. God bless you. — Russ