Parish Life Activities

Monthly Socials

The Parish Life Committee of the Pastoral Council organizes events that help to build community within the Parish.  We sponsor monthly socials following the Masses - pizza after the Saturday 5:00 pm Mass and donuts after the Sunday morning Masses (at 8:00 am, 10:00 am, and noon).  During these socials, new and old parishioners get to meet each other over food.  We also host a reception following the Easter Vigil Mass to welcome the newly baptized and confirmed adults into our community.  

Special Events

We also organize special-events to recognize the efforts of so many within the parish community.  This includes receptions to welcome a new priest to our Parish community, to say thank you to a priest who is leaving us, and to acknowledge our priests at their anniversaries of taking vows.  We organize the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner to focus on the many volunteers who sustain the ministries of the Parish.  


Would you like to help?  Contact Ronda Dever at 301-564-5377