Pipe Organ


The pipe organ at Saint Jane Frances de Chantal Church provides the foundation for a vibrant and inclusive music ministry. It was designed and assembled by the Lively Fulcher company of Rocky Mount, Virginia. The casework, console, and mechanical components were built by QLF organ supply and the metal pipes made by Laukhuff of Weikersheim, Germany. It follows a design scheme very similar to other instruments assembled by Lively Fulcher.

Great I

Bourdon 16'

Open Diapason 8'

Stopped Flute 8'

Harmonic Flute 8'

Principal 4'

Open Flute 4'

Fifteenth 2'

Fourniture IV

Trumpet 8'

Clarion 4'


Great sub-Octave

Swell to Great

Solo to Great


Swell II

Violin Diapason 8'

Chimney Flute 8'

Viole de Gambe 8'

Voix Celeste 8'

Principal 4'

Traverse Flute 4'

Nazard 2 2/3'

Harmonic Piccolo 2'

Tierce 1 3/5'

Full Mixture III

Bassoon 16'

Hautboy 8'

Cornopean 8'


Swell sub-Octave


Solo III

Cornet V

Bombarde 16'

Trompette 8'

Clarion 4'

Cremona 8'



Resultant 32'

Open Wood 16'

Subbass 16'

Principal 8'

Open Flute 8'

Bass Flute 8'

Fifteenth 4'

Trombone 16'

Bassoon 16'

Trumpet 8'

Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal

Solo to Pedal